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DeFi Data Marketplace

What is DeFi Data Marketplace?​

DeFi Data Marketplace is the first decentralized marketplace for structured DeFI data protocols in several networks.

This marketplace allows downloading structured and normalized datasets without having to deal with all the complex tasks to retrieve data from DeFi protocols, understanding all the different ways this data can be stored on chain.

What can I find in the DeFi Data Marketplace?

In this marketplace you will find analysis-ready datasets. These datasets contain different events triggered by users in DeFi protocols, organized in different categories to create easy to analyze data.

After analyzing DeFi protocols, we have identified some events that are common in these protocols and we have created a common structure to organize them.

Right now this marketplace provides data from Lending and Decentralized exchanges protocols but more types of protocols will be added, to support all the common entities that can be analyzed.