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How to pay for datasets

The DeFi Data Marketplace is a marketplace created on top of Nevermined protocol. This protocol allows sharing data in a transparent and easy way using blockchain technology for that. To use this protocol we need to interact with the blockchain and send transactions to the network, for that it is necessary to set up a wallet in the polygon network, where this marketplace is deployed.

You can know more about nevermined visiting the docs website.

Setting the wallet

This marketplace is deployed on the Polygon network, in order to use this network the wallet should be configured as described in this guide.

Sending the payments

Most of the dataset published has a price of 0 USDC value, so the payment won't require any token transfer, but in order to complete the flow, this payment with 0 value should be sent. If the payment has 0 value it is not necessary to have USDC coins in the wallet, but to pay for the transactions, the wallet should have MATIC funds.